From concept to completion…
Complete Acoustic System Integration

Luhe Silencer can provide bespoke intake- to exhaust- solutions, to your specific requirements.
Adding value to your supply chain and in turn, help reduce your lead times and costs.
Our exhaust silencers provide the best performance for all engine applications. We offer silencers in a variety of styles and configurations, including spark-arresting and special designed silencers for gas engine applications.


for all streaming media

  • Silencers for Diesel Gas- and Dual Fuel engines
  • Spark Arrestors for internal combustion engines
  • Spark Arrestors and Soot Traps for boiler
  • Exhaust-gas switch over valves Fire damper
  • Intake air silencer
  • Ventilation silencer
  • Temperature-resistant All-Metal spring-tensioned Isolators for elastic support of exhaust systems
  • Expansion Joints
  • Accessories

Spark Arrestors

Single or Integrated

  • Spark Arrestor for internal combustion engines
  • Spark Arrestor and Soot Traps for boiler

Spark arrestors suitable for a variety of applications. The series can be used independently or in conjunction with silencers to form an optimal solution.

Exhaust Systems

Acoustic System Design

Acoustic vibration analysis
Determination of spectral transmission- and the spectral insertion loss of specific exhaust systems.
Especially at low frequencies, the acoustic efficiency of a specific silencer design does not only depend on the silencer itself. Rather, it is strongly influenced by the position of the silencer within a system of specific geometry and the interaction with other components. Therefore, we determine the complete systems under consideration of:

  • the sound generation of the sound source
  • the sound propagation incl. all components inside the system
  • the sound emission at the termination of the system.


for you

  • Customised silencers that meet the highest acoustic requirements
  • Solutions ready for serial production
  • Guaranteed mechanical and acoustic design
  • Optimisation of the silencers' pressure loss and acoustic requirements taking economic aspects into consideration
  • Access to all of the experience of Luhe-Silencer
  • Acoustic design of the entire system
  • High engineering standards
  • High quality and shortest delivery time
  • Fixed prices
  • Inspection and documentation of each single silencer